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Today.kz: Minister Dauren Abayev has responded to Palmer’s conditions for his returning back to Kazakhstan

Написано 21 Июнь, 2017 в категории Politics

Today.kz, in an article by Aidos Sarym entitled “Даурен Абаев ответил на условия Палмера по его возвращению в Казахстан” – “Dauren Abayev has responded to Palmer’s conditions for his returning back to Kazakhstan”, said: “Incident around the article by British journalist James Palmer published on the Foreign Policy magazine’s web-site is still underway. Minister of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan Dauren Abayev responded to that British journalist’s conditions for his returning back to Kazakhstan, Today.kz reports.
Those are Palmer’s terms for returning back to Kazakhstan (appeared on Facebook): “OK folks, I’ve set the conditions under which I’ll take up the kind offer of Kazakhstan’s Minister of Information to come back and cover the Expo again.
1) Donate $50,000 to a *private* charity for needy children in Kazakhstan, like http://detdom.kz/index.php?lang=eng … or http://kunbala.kz/
2) I’d like a full apology from Sergei Kuyanov, your PR guy, for telling lies about me.
3) Unblock the Foreign Policy website.
4) Understand that I’m going to tell the truth about whatever I see, and live with it like grown-ups.
5) Happy to pay my own ticket, but Astana hotels are ridiculous, so find me a room in the Expo Village — lots of space there.  ”.

Minister Abayev responded to each of the above-mentioned conditions.
“The State allocates much more money for medical treatment, recreation and to charity. Incredible amounts of money have been allocated to it. With regard to an apology. This is a matter of relationship between Kuyanov and Mr. Palmer. I can’t tell Kuyanov: “You have to apologize to Palmer”. That is not within my purview. As for a room in the Expo Village. There are people living there, as far as I know. This is a difficult issue”, Abayev said”.

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