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Ratel.kz: Azimbai Gali: Kremlin agents are operating in Kazakhstan

Написано 22 Июнь, 2017 в категории Politics

Ratel.kz, in an article published with reference to Facebook.com entitled “Азимбай Гали: Кремлевские агенты орудуют в Казахстане” — “Azimbai Gali: Kremlin agents are operating in Kazakhstan”, said: “Political analyst Azimbai Gali writes about the actions of “Kremlin” agents in Kazakhstan.
“These are what agents under the Kremlin’s influence are doing in our country:
1. They seek to turn Kazakh schools into Russian schools through trilingual education policies. This program aims to reduce the level of Kazakh schools, to discredit them, which impede the process of Kazakhization in the Kazakhstani society.
2. Those agents have a significant influence on personnel policy (i.e. on human resource policies): those, who do not know the Kazakh language or have insufficient knowledge of the state language, are made ministers and governors.
3. Their goal is to create a Russian-speaking Kazakh sub-ethnos. Tomorrow they will say: we have our own literature, classics, Russian-speaking mosques and “our spiritual donor is Russia”, thus they will be able to divide the country.

4. Cases of such influential agents as MAYLYBAEV, GALIKHIN, TULESHOV, did not go through the lustration process which means that the continuers of their affairs are holding their position.

5. Many associates of the head of state will attach their mistakes to him, and his achievements to themselves. Therefore, it’s time to call things by their proper names, i.e. to identify influential Russian agents and to stop their actions”, he wrote on his Facebook page”.

Danish AZIM


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