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Vz.ru: Turkey is dragging Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan into the Syrian conflict

Написано 29 Июнь, 2017 в категории Politics

Vz.ru, in a report entitled “Турция затягивает Казахстан и Киргизию в сирийский конфликт” – “Turkey is dragging Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan into the Syrian conflict”, said: “Ankara “decided” instead of Moscow: Erdogan’s press secretary said that Russia was offering Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan to send their soldiers to Syria. And it is anticipated that they would be sent into the middle of it – to Idlib, the lair of the militants. Kazakhstan officially denied reports that the country was discussing sending its soldiers to Syria. And Kyrgyzstan did not confirm them. Experts believe that Turkey is in a hurry to drag Kazakhstan into its situational alliance with Russia in order to jointly resist the US pressure in Syria”.
Just one week ago, Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said Russia had proposed that Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan send their military personnel to monitor safe zones in Syria.
Later, Vladimir Shamanov, head of the defense committee of Russia’s State Duma, told media that Moscow was holding talks with the two Central Asian nations on their possible military deployment to the conflict zone.

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