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NewsTes: Drach: I would give all our presidents for Nazarbayev

Написано 5 Июль, 2017 в категории Politics

NewsTes, in a report entitled “Драч: отдал бы всех наших президентов за Назарбаева” — “Drach: I would give all our presidents for Nazarbayev”, said: “The first head of the “People’s Rukh” (The People’s Movement of Ukraine) Ivan Drach commented on the transition to the Latin alphabet, announced by Kazakhstan. This is being reported by 112 Ukraine.
“Nazarbayev is very interesting person for me. At least, his decision on switch of the Kazakh alphabet from Cyrillic to Latin makes him a person of interest to me. There was a time when he appeared at a meeting of the government of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. It was conducted in Russian, and he spoke in Ukrainian. I got a lot of friends, acquaintances in Kazakhstan. And I respect this nation. They are very interesting, mobile, dynamic nation, and they are lucky to have him as their leader.  I would give our five presidents for Nazarbayev only”,  Drach said.
Earlier, Oleg Lyashko said that Yulia Tymoshenko was panically afraid of losing him in presidential elections”.

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