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Pergamen.kz: Amirzhan KOSANOV: “My answer to Ablyazov”

Написано 10 Июль, 2017 в категории Politics

Pergamen.kz, in an article by Amirzhan KOSANOV entitled “Мой ответ Аблязову” – “My answer to Ablyazov”, said: “But Mukhtar Ablyazov publicly accuses me, and I should probably answer. 

Here are his words:

“The authorities decided to organize a new movement, in which Amirzhan Kosanov would play the role of leader. The roles of his associates would be left to Serik Medetbekov, Akezhan Kazhegeldin’s representative, little-known in the country, and Gulzhan Ergalieva, the “best” newspaper seller.
It is assumed that this movement, designed by special services, is to be called “Alash” which is a popular name in Kazakh history”.
I am dividing my answer into three parts.
First, I have never been a party to governmental political projects. What I’ve been saying, writing and doing all these years, is all my conscious choice. So is that answer.
Second. Despite being criminally and otherwise prosecuted, contrary to threats and dirty provocations, I haven’t moved abroad (although ambassadors of the leading Western countries guaranteed me political asylum at the time), and I am certainly not living in a vacuum: I socialize with a diverse range of persons, and among them there are not just those who support me as being a long-time critic of the authorities, but also government supporters and even people in power (and yet, I myself once worked in the government and I still have live contacts).
The third part of my answer is personified. In his post, Ablyazov is quite critical of my long-time associates in the opposition, calling them names. I went through serious trials with Medetbekov and Ergaliyeva, and I cherish their attitude towards me: they did (and continue to do!) a lot for the opposition of Kazakhstan.
Of course, everyone should be responsible for himself and for his words. This also applies to Ablyazov, when he gives such unflattering characteristics. And it is very regrettable that Ablyazov is narrowing the unifying potential of his political project with such petty attacks”.

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