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Ratel.kz: Evgeniy Zhovtis: Why can only an official become a president of Kazakhstan?

Написано 12 Июль, 2017 в категории Politics

Ratel.kz, in an article by Evgeniy Zhovtis entitled “Почему президентом Казахстана может стать только чиновник?” – “Why can only an official become a president of Kazakhstan?”, said: “And why did the government decide that the cream of society had accumulated in the civil service?
Comrades in power, who are those people we are offered to fight against? Minister of Justice Marat BEKETAEV, presenting this bill in May in the Mazhilis (the lower house of the bicameral Parliament of Kazakhstan), said that this measure is meant to be a tool in the fight against self nominees, who are running for president in order to do “self PR”.
In general, a comprehensive range of political or public activity is PR, as PR is public relations. If the politician does not do this to promote his personality, he is not a politician. And he promotes himself, that is, he is engaged in doing “self PR”. And who else is to be promoted by him? By the way, this term — PR — for some reason acquired a negative connotation in our language”.
Kazakhstan’s president ratified the law on the limitations for presidential candidates. It stipulates that to run for the presidency, only citizens of Kazakhstan, who have a minimum of five years of work experience in the civil service or electoral public office.
Candidates will also need to prove that they have no diseases that could hinder performance of duties.

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