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Vz.ru: Valery Tishkov: “Ethnic Kazakh nationalism is so strong that even Nursultan Nazarbayev sometimes backpedals”

Написано 17 Июль, 2017 в категории Politics

Vz.ru, in an article entitled “Ассимиляция идет в пользу более мощной нации” – “Assimilation yields benefits to a more powerful nation” quoted Valery Tishkov, a well-known Russian historian and anthropologist, and former Minister of Nationalities in Yeltsin’s government, as saying: “In recent years, things got going towards an understanding of the nation based on citizenship, i.e. the nation as a society of citizens. But there are difficulties in this regard. For example, Nazarbayev has spoken out several times in favor of the idea of the “Nation of Kazakhstan” and has even renamed the Assembly of the Peoples of Kazakhstan into the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, thereby emphasizing that the nation is Kazakhstani people as a whole. But ethnic Kazakh nationalism is so strong that even Nazarbayev sometimes backpedals”.

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