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RT: Why did the president of Turkey go to Kazakhstan?

Написано 11 Сентябрь, 2017 в категории Politics

RT, in an article by Nadezhda ALEXEYEVA entitled “Своя игра: зачем президент Турции приехал в Казахстан” – “Playing a particular game: why did the president of Turkey travel to Kazakhstan”, said: “Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan arrived on a three-day visit to Kazakhstan. Ankara attaches particular importance to developing its relations with Astana, hoping to suck this Central Asian nation into its orbit. Promoting the idea of pan-Turkism in the post-Soviet space is Erdogan’s long-standing strategic plan, but today, the countries of Central Asia are not ready to blindly follow the lead of Ankara.
According to experts, it is no coincidence that that Erdogan will travel to Baku immediately after his visit to Astana – on 10 September. Ankara has long been trying to sack Kazakhstan into the orbit of its geopolitical influence along with Azerbaijan”.
“Turkey has not stopped trying to build its own arc of influence in the region. The ideas of pan-Turkism were promoted both in the early Soviet period and after the collapse of the USSR. Linguistic, religious and ethnic affinities have also been playing a role – more with regard to Azerbaijan and less with regard to  Kazakhstan”, Maxim Vilisov, director of the Center for Crisis Society Studies, said in an interview with RT”.


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