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Ratel.kz: Kazakh Minister Timur Suleimenov threatened the Russian Minister with high authorities

Написано 14 Сентябрь, 2017 в категории Economy

Ratel.kz, in an article entitled “Тимур Сулейменов пригрозил российскому министру высокими инстанциями” – “Timur Suleimenov threatened the Russian Minister with high authorities”, said: “Minister of National Economy rejected statements over Kazakhstan’s alleged unfair foreign trading practices.
Timur Suleimenov commented on possible restrictions on the import of sugar from Kazakhstan to Russia. Such a measure was earlier announced by the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Alexander Tkachev.
And while Timur Suleimenov expressed the hope that the issue would be resolved in a constructive manner, he did not exclude potential problems. And he threatened the Russian opponent with high authorities.
“For each of the states, its own well-being is more important than other state’s interests. It is understandable that Russian state agencies are under pressure from their businessmen. It’s a typical situation. That happens in any given country.  But first, it is necessary that a state agency, which is responsible for certain decisions, proceeds not only from what the domestic business people say, but also from those international commitments we have undertaken. We would react in the event of their violation. We’ve got the Eurasian Economic Commission, Council at the level of vice-premiers, Intergovernmental Council, Supreme Council. Therefore, I am absolutely convinced that this issue will be resolved in a balanced and constructive manner”, he said”.


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