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Camonitor.com: The cult of the medal in the Kazakhstani sport: flawed and corrupting

Написано 26 Сентябрь, 2017 в категории Sports & Culture

Camonitor.com, in an article by Zhenis BAIKHOZHA entitled “Культ медали в казахстанском спорте: ущербный и развращающий” – “The cult of the medal in the Kazakh sport: flawed and corrupting”, said: “We in Kazakhstan have a funny way of assessing the results at sports competitions. Excessive enthusiasm for medals, won at third-rate competitions, comes with reluctance to take into consideration very good, though not medal winning, results achieved by our compatriots at the most prestigious international competitions.
Consequently, this gives rise to a distorted impression of the true situation – something like a reflection in a curved mirror”.

Sources: Zonakz.net — Camonitor.com.


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