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Qasym.kz: Parents of pupils in Aktau want to give up on the state language lessons

Написано 27 Сентябрь, 2017 в категории Sports & Culture

Qasym.kz, in an article entitled “Ақтаулық оқушылардың ата-аналары қазақ тілі пәнінен бас тартқысы келеді” – “In Aktau, pupils’ parents want to give up on the Kazakh language as a subject”, said: “Parents of 2nd graders from the school #10 in Aktau want to give up on the state language lessons because they are forced to buy exercise books on the subject.
According to them, a set of four exercise books and a vocabulary costs almost 10 thousand tenge ($30). The purchase of these sets for all the pupils in the class would amount to approximately 300 thousand tenge ($900).
“Textbook on the Kazakh language in our time, that is just a set of some texts without translation. There are no rules. Teachers do not give a translation, do not explain. As a result, we come to the fact that children look at the book and do not understand anything.
It is not feasible to study the subject with the textbooks which are now available in schools, and without additional literature and vocabulary. We were told to buy exercise books containing printed exercises for the use of pupils and vocabularies.
We found them only in two stores, and they are expensive, so we came to the conclusion that it is better for us to completely abandon the study of the state language”, pupils’ parents say.
For his part, the director of the school argues that the advice to purchase exercise books took the form of a recommendation”.

Sources: Ratel.kz — Qasym.kz.


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