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Almakz.info: Denis KRIVOSHEYEV: It would be totally misleading to expect to be brought to the triumph of equality and prosperity through the eradication of the Russian language

Написано 28 Сентябрь, 2017 в категории Politics

Almakz.info, in an article entitled “Честный ответ от Дениса Кривошеева” – “A straight reply from Denis Krivosheyev”, said: “Democracy does not disappear overnight. This occurs gradually. You get your right to speak, read and think taken away piece by piece in exchange for security, and other benefits.

Emergence of nationalistic sentiments is extremely beneficial to someone

A really big gap does not originate in the language itself, but is rooted in the attitude. The number of Russians (and their percentage of the total population) is already decreasing every year. The older generation is passing away, the younger generations are moving abroad to find quality education opportunities, but not solely for that reason. The majority of those belonging to the 30-50 year age show little interest in remaining, but many of them still have a lot to lose, and they would choose to take cardinal measures, if the situation extremely worsens.
As for the Russian language, it would be totally misleading to expect to be brought to the triumph of equality and prosperity through its eradication”.

Sources: Zonakz.net — Almakz.info.


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